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Food menu

Blessings of nature from
the sea of Ishigaki Island.
We have fresh fish that is landed daily


Many creative dishes made with Okinawan ingredients,

starting with appetizers

Dishes made with carefully selected ingredients from Ishigaki Island

have a unique taste that cannot be found anywhere else.


If you are traveling to Okinawa, you should definitely try the island's

local sake [Awamori].
These are all dishes that go well with awamori.

Dishes that can only be eaten here, such as stewed pork [Rafuti] and salt-simmered fresh fish unique to Okinawa.


Stir-fried vegetables

in Okinawa are simple.
It is carefully prepared to make the most of the taste of the ingredients.
It is a standard dish when locals enjoy awamori.

The rice dishes and soups are all Okinawan dishes.

Enjoy yourself to the fullest.


Beverage menu

[Orion Beer] produced in Okinawa is a world-class taste of Okinawa

We also have a wide variety of

sours and fruit drinks made with Okinawan fruit liqueurs.



 It is called "shimazaki" in the local dialect.

The local Awamori is

like the crystallization of culture.

Is it possible to say that you have traveled to Okinawa without trying


which is like the crystallization of this island's culture?


【Old Awamori】 

It is called "Kuusu" in the local dialect.

Awamori that has been stored for

three years or more is called


This is the Okinawan treasure, and we want you to enjoy the

deep flavor of

[Kuusu] that has been stored and aged.


​​A liqueur made from Okinawan fruits.
Even if you break it with

soda or on the rocks.
There is also a selection of

Japanese sake and shochu.

Please try the various fruit flavors of
Okinawa in a way that suits you.


Photo gallery and shop concept

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